On-Site Service

On-site Services

If your system needs service, or you want an upgrade, but you’re wary of disconnecting and reconnecting all those cables, then this service is for you! Of course, to bring it in you have to unplug the system components, mess with a confusing tangle of cables and later remember how it all goes back together.

Custom Computers & Software, Inc. can provide service to your location. In most instances, problems can be solved on site. If repair is needed that cannot be performed onsite, we can coordinate to have the computer transported to our service center and returned to you when finished.

Business Clients

We service all types of business clients from home and small businesses to large corporations. We offer a wide array of onsite computers services such as networking, computer repair, troubleshooting, install new computer equipment, servers and server management, wireless technologies, training of employees on software or hardware, database, software installation and application development . Many small to medium businesses do not have an internal technology division like larger corporations and have a need for someone to setup, manage and repair single systems to entire networks.

Our goal is to resolve your problem or company’s technology issues at your location so you can concentrate on meeting your customer service goals while Custom Computers & Software, Inc. concentrates on meeting your technology needs.

Home Users

Computer use in the home and business has grown. Home users also suffer from confusing hardware and software problems.

Onsite Service Rates

The rate for onsite work is $75 per hour and there is a one hour minimum charge. We have reduced prices for pre-paid blocks of time. A transportation charge will apply if you are more than 10 miles from our Sherburn service center. The transportation charge is the time it takes to drive from our location to your location times our normal hourly rate. This travel time only applies to the time it takes to get to your location and not the time taken to return from your location.

We offer these services on an hourly basis and have prepaid blocks of time available at a discounted rate. We also offer service contracts for mission critical companies who require a solid commitment to provide fast response time and priority services.


Some examples of onsite services are :

PC Installation – We install and setup your new computer for you, transfer files from your old PC, install and configure applications and provide training on the use of your new computer.

PC Upgrades – We can assist with upgrading your PC’s operating system, memory, processor, disk storage or other PC components. Instead of purchasing a new PC, an upgrade and a tune up may be all that’s required to make your system run better.

PC Repair – If your PC is causing you problems or just not running at all, we can get it back on it’s feet with our repair services.

PC Networking – Many households now have more than one PC. Let us show you how networking your computers can allow you to share files, printers, and internet access. PC networking is not only convenient but also extremely affordable.

PC Wireless Networking – We setup, configure and secure wireless networking in both home and business environments. With wireless networking the possibilities are limitless. You can enjoy the use of a notebook computer in your backyard, play music from your computer to any room inside or outside the house and stream video from your computer to your entertainment center.