In-Store Service

In-Store Service

We service all major brands of computers.

Home Computers
Business Workstations & Servers
Hardware Repair
Upgrade Consultation
System Troubleshooting
Installing/re-installing system software
Software Conflicts / Issues
DOS, Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1, Win 10
Linux. Mac, Apple, IOS
Virus/Spyware Removal and Protection
Internet problems/security
Privacy issues, pop-ups, ads

What to expect:

All of our in-store service is performed on a first come, first fixed basis. You may drop off your PC at any time during our working hours. Once we receive your computer, we will do an initial evaluation or diagnostic based on information provided by you and will prepare an estimate. Once the estimate is prepared we will contact you and provide you with the estimate along with any options or suggestions we may have.

Once we have your approval, we then perform the needed work. As a convenience to you, we also take the time to download/install all available service packs and security updates for your operating system. We also clean the inside of your machine and will advise you of any other problems or suggestions we have to make your machine run at top performance. When all repairs are complete, we will contact you so you can come pick it up or we can arrange delivery.

What to bring:

Usually the only thing you need to bring to us is the actual computer (or tower, or CPU, as it is sometimes called).

If you are bringing in a notebook, please bring the power cord as these are not all standardized.

There is no need to bring monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, or cabling, unless you are actually experiencing problems with those devices. If you are experiencing problems with an external device such as a printer or disk drive, make sure you bring the power supply cable, and any cables used to connect the unit to your computer.

If you need your operating system re-installed or are having trouble with a device attached to your computer, we need you to bring your software disks and license keys to streamline the repair process. Also, make sure that you know what your user names and passwords are before you bring us your computer, especially if you’re having problems connecting to the internet and we need to test your connection.

What will it cost:

  • Standard Laptop or Desktop Diagnostic Fee – $37.50
  • Gaming Laptop or Desktop Diagnostic Fee – $75.00
    (Unit is equipped with a third party graphics card and or water cooling system)

We will diagnose your computer issue as well as run the usual viruscan, hard drive and memory tests and provide you with an estimate of repair at no cost. The current per-hour rate is $75/hr, however we make it a point to price our work on a set rate as opposed to an hourly rate (depending on the work to be performed and severity of infection, if applicable). Your computer may spend several hours or more on the bench depending on the extent of the repairs needed, but we only charge for the time we actually spend paying attention to your individual machine, not how long it actually sits on the workbench.

How long will it take:

Typical repairs take 1-2 business days, but might take longer if we are extremely busy or if your computer needs parts that we do not have in stock. You will be informed prior to any additional work needing to be completed.